Managed Print Services

Regardless of the size of your Organisation Turner Print Systems can work with you to ensure that your Document Printing, Scanning, Distribution & Security is professionally managed and serviced on the most cost effective basis. This will help your organisation to improve its presentation, reduce costs and increase profitability.

Does this sound like your Organisation?

You are not sure of the number and usage levels of existing printers.

You are struggling to control print, copying and scanning costs.

The standard of performance of your in house printers is not acceptable.

No one person or department takes full responsibility for print.

Things have evolved rather than being planned.

New technology has been adopted but not exploited.

There is not a plan in place to ensure that your goals are achieved.

Let Turner Print Systems help you solve your document problems.

We can work with you to implement a "Managed Document Solution" to help you achieve your goals. Our plan will cover:

Stage one: Where are you now with your current print and document strategy?

With your nominated personnel we will look at your existing print and document management costs including any finishing capabilities you may have. Cost levels will include hardware purchase, software purchase, leasing, consumables and maintenance costs. If appropriate we will also look at the costs of any printing that is currently outsourced. We will look at your current working practices to identify if and where your print strategy is failing. This will provide us with an accurate indication of your existing costs and system weaknesses and will be used to submit a meaningful proposal for the implementation of a new Managed Document Solution.

Stage two: Where do you want to go?

To complete Stage two we will examine with you your main priorities and aims for document management for the next 3 to 5 years together with your strategic aims and long-term goals. We will ensure that you are advised of all relevant solutions from Turner Print Systems and our Manufacturer partnerships so that your Organisation can benefit from the latest technology.

Stage three: How will you get there?

Using the data and information obtained from Stage one and two we will agree an Action Plan to ensure that all resources are in place to guarantee that the ultimate goals are achieved.  We will create, with your input, a Strategic plan designed to ensure that we achieve the document solution you are looking for. This plan will be agreed and signed off by all parties involved in the production and execution of it.

Stage four: How will we implement the Plan?

We project manage the implementation of your new solution to ensure a seamless transition, all the time working to minimise the impact on operational activities and end-users. Comprehensive training is provided both on and off-site as required. End user training is critical and our comprehensive training program will be tailored to meet your organisational and end user needs.

Stage five: How will you monitor, review and maintain your competitive edge?

Before completing the plan, we will have agreed how and when it will be monitored and reviewed and what information needs to received in order to review progress. When reviewing progress we will ensure that activities are kept within the parameters of the agreed strategic aims and objectives. We will ensure that activities are consistent with the organisation's vision and aims and keep under review internal and external changes which may require changes to the strategy. We work with your team, as well as external vendors where required to deliver successful change management and education, increase the uptake of new technology and work to improve employee productivity, reduce print-related costs and enhance asset availability across your organisation.

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