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Regardless of the size of your organisation Turner Print Systems can work with you to ensure that your Document Printing, Scanning, Distribution & Security is professionally managed and serviced on the most cost effective basis. This will help your organisation to improve its presentation, reduce costs and increase profitability.

Does this sound like your organisation?

  • You are not sure of the number and usage levels of existing printers.
  • You are struggling to control print, copying and scanning costs.
  • The standard of performance of your in house printers is not acceptable.
  • No one person or department takes full responsibility for print.
  • Things have evolved rather than being planned.
  • New technology has been adopted but not exploited.
  • There is not a plan in place to ensure that your goals are achieved.

Let Turner Print Systems help you solve your document problems. We can work with you to implement a "Managed Document Solution" to help you achieve your goals

What Is Document Management?

Free Sample Print RequestWhere do your employees store documents and how do they go about searching for these documents?

  • The Windows folder structure: a good, logical structure, but one that is used differently by different people depending on their personal preferences.
  • Email inboxes: again with personalized folder structure, often different from that in Windows.
  • Physical filing cabinets: these can be personal, or specifically structured for the department or the whole company; although even then, their structure often differs based on the employees or departments using them.
  • USB sticks: which we might use to keep personal back-ups, or transfer documents to different storage locations.

Often all four of these may be in play, each holding a portion of the information - which may or may not be up to date. The result is a very insecure situation leaving your documents prone to loss, unauthorised access, theft and destruction. Read more ....

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Public Sector?

Public sector, Local Authority, Educational Establishment or Charitable Status?  

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